Songs You Need to Hear This Week

By: Mary Welch

There has been a ton of awesome new music released within the past year from so many artists of various genres.  Over this period of time, I have developed attachments to some songs and want to share them with you all.  Here is a sort of track-by-track commentary on my experiences listening to them for the first time, listening to them for the thousandth time, or seeing them live.


“Everyone” – Jonathan Davis

With this song, I did that thing where you look at the video thumbnail on YouTube time and time again but never click on it… Yeah, I should have clicked on it sooner. “Everyone” is super catchy and has relatable lyrics for misfits like me. Davis sings, “they don't want me 'cause I'm not like them, they don't like me 'cause I frighten them,” and the feel of this song is definitely eerie enough for my liking.


“Hell” – Ghost Town

The song has a great beat to jam to and definably outlines Ghost Town’s newer style.  This music video starts out with Kevin Ghost in what looks to be the most uncomfortable position ever, but he gets up to chase someone and goes around in circles, which is surprisingly not as boring as it sounds.  Having edited videos before, I really appreciate the creativity in this one and how nicely the concept ties into the song.  Seeing the creative teams behind artists do something besides shots of a band performing is refreshing and totally gives them leverage in keeping a strong fanbase around, in my opinion.


“One Match” – Until the Ribbon Breaks

UTRB never fails to impress me.  The first time I heard this British duo was about a year ago when I came across their cover of Blondie’s “One Way or Another” cover, which is undoubtedly far better than the original and is a song that has been on my sleep playlist ever since.  “One Match” is the kind of song you need to drive to, help you study, or relax with.


“Want You Back” –  5 Seconds of Summer

Obviously, I debated adding this song since I am a metalhead at heart, but I have shamelessly been a 5SOS fan for years.  While hearing the chorus of “Want You Back,” it made me want to get up and dance, so if you end up wanting to do the same, then I’m happy to include it in my list.  They have announced a US tour during April, including some dates in Australia and South America during May and June.  These Australian guys are ready to share new music and a new live performance, so catch them while you can!


“Serotonin” – Moonwalker

Another one that makes me want to get up and dance… Vocalist of Moonwalker Rob Crews has amazing vocals, and “Serotonin,” like every other song they have, is proof of that. Additionally, Moonwalker has covers that are far better than the originals, such as Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” and Post Malone's "Rockstar," so check those out too! They even have guitar and drum playthroughs on their YouTube channel as well.


"Red Clouds" - The Word Alive

I am totally loving this new TWA era already just by my first impression of "Red Clouds." I was thinking recently how great the band was live last fall with I Prevail and I am so excited for their upcoming album Violent Noise out May 4th.



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