Hungover - "WILT"

By: Starr Brown


Hungover might only be classified as up-and-coming, but there is nothing unmatured about their sound. Their perfect blend of pop, rock, with a heavy edge sets their EP, WILT, apart from the crowd. 

Their sound is just as personal as it is different. WILT is about moving on and letting go. The band shares, “title is an acronym for 'When I Lose Touch' and the lyrical content is focused around the idea that sometimes to make progress in life, you have to get rid of the things and the people that weigh you down the most.”

The eight tracks perfectly showcase Hungover’s sound. From single “Three’s Company” with a easy listening intro that picks up into heavier chorus and showcases emotional lyrics to the acoustic ballad “Around” that sounds more upbeat than any breakup anthem could be, it’s easy to tell that Hungover put their heart and soul into each track individually. 
If you’re into anything from Fall Out Boy or the emotional mess that is Mayday Parade, Hungover is for you.

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