Halfnoise - "She Said"

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn


I wish I could stand on a mountain with a megaphone and scream "LISTEN TO HALFNOISE!"  They easily became my favorite band this year, their chill vibe and groovy beat is infectious.  Zac Farro, the front-man and mastermind behind Halfnoise, has such a smooth, effortless voice.  The repetitive lyrics are very simplistic, yet very important.  We get caught up in our own heads overthinking love and life that we miss out on what's happening right in front of us.  Zac explains to just let life happen and to stop living in your own head; free yourself!

"She said, she said / She said don't worry about me / It's just inside your head / But then I worry / About everything that she has said." 

With a funky beat like this, it's easy to free ourselves to this song.  I can't help but dance to this song, just like any other Halfnoise song.  Give it a listen, and you'll understand how Halfnoise can instantly put you in a good mood.  The Flowers EP will be released on May 4th, and Halfnoise will begin their supporting tour on May 5th in Chicago (DATES/TICKETS HERE).  I will be dancing my ass off at the Nashville concert, where it's All Good!

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