Echosmith - "Over My Head"

By: Boston Lynn Schulz

If you don’t know of Echosmith, you clearly missed out on their debut hit “Cool Kids” released in 2013. The band, fronted by Sydney Sierota, consists of three members, all siblings. Noah & Graham Sierota play bass and and drums respectively.

Their new single, “Over My Head” is one that will have you playing it on repeat. The catchy and easy to memorize chorus is easy to sing along and the whole song concept is one everyone can relate to. “Over My Head” speaks of a dying relationship in which the partners fail to communicate properly and understand each other. This song solidifies their unique sound which is a combination of unique drum beats, heavy synth usage and Sydney’s hauntingly beautiful, deep but ethereal voice

The lyric video released for the single has a unique concept: all lyrics are written and drawn into latte art. With the help of renowned latte artist Melannie Aquino and Lavazza, the words are depicted across cups of coffee with additional drawings in milk foam and espresso powder.

The release kicks off Echosmith’s North American tour and jump back into the pop charts with this single and their EP, Inside A Dream.

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