Avatar - Avatar Country

By: Mary Welch


Having the word “king” in each song title on the album Avatar Country made me think, “okay… what could this possibly be??”  The release of Avatar Country, Avatar’s 7th album, is compelling to see, as it has an outstanding theme to it, similar to their previous album, Feathers & Flesh.  Safe to say, Avatar reigns over the heavy metal kingdom and rules my heart.

The album opens with an anthem to the king, who is represented by guitarist Jonas "Kungen" Jarlsby, followed by an eight-minute track with new, yet classic, Avatar sounds that shift throughout the song.  To close, “Silent Songs of the King” is an epic two-part masterpiece.  Part one’s repose is a one eighty to part two’s older metal tones, but I’m loving both.

Avatar was established in 2001, though this group of insanely talented musicians are just now seeming to step in their much-deserved spotlight here in America.  My first time seeing them perform live was on In This Moment’s “Half God Half Devil” tour last spring.  Ever since then, I have been honestly obsessed with their music and performance theatrics.

If there is any band for metal fans that I truly recommend listening to, it is surely Avatar.  Avatar Country will leave you in awe of its glory, so purchase a physical copy, buy it on iTunes, or stream it on Spotify, and don’t forget to pick up some merch from their website while you’re at it.  Catch them on tour in the states until mid-February, then in Europe until April. Don’t miss out!

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