Speak Low if You Speak Love - Safety Net

By: Starr Brown


The solo brainchild of Ryan Scott Graham is thriving with the latest release “Safety Net”. The track comes from sophomore LP, Nearsighted, out January 19th.

The electronic undertones provide the haunting melody more depth. The bone chilling piano centered track features electo-beats and resonating vocals layer together to a track you’ll repeat over and over, trying to take in everything that’s there. The musical chances Graham takes on the track pay off in his favor setting the perfect scene for the moment the song marks.

Featured on the bridge is Graham’s friend Hannah Dob, creating a more call-and-response feel, and driving home the emotionally charged track.

Catch Speak Low If You Speak Love accompanying Neck Deep on their US headlining tour over the course of January and February.

Also, be sure to check out the parody video Graham released on Facebook about “Safety Net”. You’ll be sure to laugh at the 1980's styled TV pitch  HERE.

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