Emily Vaughn - Mood

by: Sabrina Canup 

Two words – Hell Yeah. “Mood” has got me feeling all the feels and head-bopping to this strong anthem. Emily Vaughn has been a musician I have followed for a while and she is a force to be reckoned with! This fresh new single incorporates a lot of sounds that strike the senses in a magical way. Strings, tasteful beats, and perfect harmonies make this song a pop sensation with a splash of tech that I can’t stop listening to!

Symbolic for moving forward, moving on, and being proud of it, “Mood” makes you want to go up and tell people to leave you alone and let you live your own life – something all generations should be encouraged to do. Take no crap, live a life that makes you happy, and follow your dreams. Her lyrics are empowering and encouraging:

You don’t like how I live
But it’s not up to you
You love to hate me
But I’ve got better things to do

Vaugh’s vocals are serene and bubbly in all her songs, but “Mood” gives us an extra punch. We are excited for what else this female powerhouse has in store for the future. You can listen to “Mood” below and check out her other singles like “Better Off” on Spotify and SoundCloud. You will not be disappointed!

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