Fall Out Boy - Young and Menace

By:  Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

After a week of coded messages and purple mystery, Fall Out Boy has finally announced what all of this purple is all about.  Brace yourselves; Fall Out Boy’s seventh studio album M A N I A will be released on September 15th (Island Records/DCD2 Records).  FOB posted a purple wave yesterday, which was cleared up in a post by the band today.  As Pete stated:  

Mania; the gentle pull of a tide that rolls over and over again and by the sheer nature of it’s essence, becomes an indestructible will - ripping out sand - eroding what was before it without  a care.  A transformational monster.  The madness and frenzy of a truly bulletproof wave… I’m not just here for your love, I’m here for all the love.  The never sleeping, the never blinking - caught forever in the sunshine riptide…”  We cannot confirm yet if these are more lyrics, or just an album description.  Either way, we are definitely in love with concept and stoked beyond belief.

Fall Out Boy also surprised us with the music video for the first single of M A N I A, “Young and Menace.”  It’s a very trippy, intriguing video.  In this purple-based, dark video, a young girl with alpaca-llama-creature parents realizes maybe she isn’t one of them after all. According to Wentz, "she realizes that maybe she is human after all — but maybe the line between us and monsters is blurrier than we think."  In all honesty, the first time I listened to the song/watched the video I was intrigued, but confused.  But when I really listened, I became captivated.  It’s definitely a different direction for FOB, more electronic sounding.  I like it though; it’s fun and different.  It’s catchy and the more I listen to it, the more it’s growing on me.  I am beyond excited for M A N I A, I can't wait to hear what Fall Out Boy has in store for us

Pre-orders for M A N I A with different merch bundles + The “Mania Tour” were also announced this morning.  Fall Out Boy, you are overwhelming us with all of these special treats, thank you!  Check out the links below for tour dates and pre-order options.  Be sure to watch the Young and Menace video and let us know what you think!

Pre-order/stream:  https://falloutboy.lnk.to/mania
Tour Dates:  https://falloutboy.com/tour

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