Play the Ace - All My Friends Are Ghosts

by: Mary Welch

Photo Credit: Allison Kawecki

Photo Credit: Allison Kawecki

Iris, Molly, and Dena call themselves Play the Ace, a youthful pop-punk band with predominant influences of Panic at this Disco, Fall Out Boy, and All Time Low.  Residing in Texas, they have already released their first single “You Took My Life (So I Took Your Identity)” in early May.  The single comes from their debut EP, All My Friends Are Ghosts (May 21, 2017).

Listening to the single, I mainly recognized how much better clarity it has in comparison to the band’s covers on YouTube, and is the main reason why I listened to the whole EP at once.  In addition, and in reference to their cover of “Hold on Till May” by Pierce the Veil, drummer Dena’s vocals are an honorable mention.  My favorite track on All My Friends Are Ghosts is “Can’t Find Moral Support in the Backseat of a Car,” which seems that it is sung by both Dena and Iris, the guitarist/frontwoman (yes, you read that right. It’s frontwoman, not frontman).  While first seeing their YouTube covers, hearing those two voices together was exactly what I had hoped for on at least one track.  It contains soft ukulele chords, and is a very beautifully written and performed song

Regardless of their young age, All My Friends Are Ghosts gets the message across of true emotion which is understandable by anyone of any age.  Despite not currently having many studio-recorded tracks, Play the Ace is a band that you will want to keep up with.  I personally believe it is refreshing to see female-led groups creating raw material and striving to turn the male-dominated rock music industry around.  Rock on to all-female bands!


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