HereComeHere - I Don't Get It

by: Mary Welch 

In anticipation of their sophomore full-length album named “Chernobyl,” HereComeHere releases singles “Adjust Your Eyes at the Chameleon” and “I Don’t Get It.”  Following their “Lionhead” EP, “Chernobyl” will be released on April 8th, 2017 and I hope to be the first to download it.

Ohio’s upbeat alternative rock band HereComeHere blends energetic rock and alternative pop into something uniquely their own.  Starting with its strong-worded chorus, “I Don’t Get It” gives us a taste of HereComeHere’s valiant characteristics.  While listening, I found myself relating to the lyrics, which are about the feelings of annoyance and aggravation towards someone, although the most impressive part of the song is the incredible guitar solo about two minutes in.  The livid vocals on top of the alluringly electric vibes from the guitars made me want more.  Their music can be found on their SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube, and I recommend you give them a listen!  “Chernobyl” can be preordered from their website and contains fifteen tracks you will surely want to buy.

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