Falling in Reverse - Broken

by: Kate Myers

Falling In Reverse has been hard at work preparing for the April 7th release of their new album, Coming Home. They just released their latest single, “Broken” and it's everything I've been hoping for.

If you loved Radke in Escape The Fate, but his work with Falling In Reverse has left you wanting more, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the band’s new music.

Radke has hinted that this album is going to mark a change in the group’s musical direction, consisting of a whole new “vibey” soundscape with less “metal”. If “Coming Home,” “Loser,” and “Broken,” are any indication, the new album will still have those heavier elements, but more commercial, pop sounds will be replaced by dark, melodic, and ethereal ones.  

I think “Broken” is my favorite of the three singles, but I just can’t decide because I really like them all. Wanna take a listen to “Broken”? You can check it out here:

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