The City and Horses - Ruins


By:  Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

The City and Horses released their fourth full-length album, Ruins, today (Paper Garden Records, April 21st).  This melodic band truly has a way of capturing emotions and healing hearts.  Vocalist/guitarist Marc Cantone has a keen way of writing songs that are all about “the funk;” whether it be emotional or otherwise.  The band states that the emotional funk is a key aspect of their sound. Marc, who has OCD, is a vocal supporter of mental health rights and issues.  This album focuses primarily on Mark’s battle with OCD, a breakup, and how these two relationships were intertwined.  This blend of emotions created some fantastic songs that definitely set The City and Horses apart from the rest.  It is very evident in both their lyrics, as well their bluesy guitar riffs, that The City and Horses are here to escape the funk, and to help make their lives (and yours) much better.

Ruins covers everything from breakups to OCD, while delivering such a powerful force of music.  The tone shifts throughout the album, but mostly has a funky vibe.  My favorite track off the album is “Space.”  WIth lyrics: “I’ll give you space, I’ll give you stars / I’ll give you pluto, I’ll give you Mars / If you promise soon you’ll to come back to me… /  I’ll give you space.”  The lyrics are very clever, yet meaningful, and are paired with a delightful, simplistic sound.  Another standout track is the first single off the album, “Shades.”  This song strays from the main album theme.  However, it is one of those songs that you cannot sit still while listening to.  This retro, groovy song has melodies that will have you humming along in no time.  “Shades” talks about how we can’t meet new people, since we are always so damn wrapped up with our headphones on and shades on.  Very accurate.  Overall, it’s a very catchy album by very genuine people.  I highly recommend picking it up!

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