Moonwalker - The Show

by: Mary Welch 

Having enjoyed Reckless Serenade’s song and video to “Pretty Monster,” I looked forward to hearing what vocalist Rob Crews had in store with his new band Moonwalker.  Formed in January of 2017, New York-based band call themselves Moonwalker.  They already released their second single “The Show,” which follows their first titled “The Way of the Future.”

The song clearly has dissimilar influences from Reckless Serenade, ones that are more atmospheric and flowy rather than punk-pop and rock.  The vocals combined with every other lively sound in “The Show” captures your imagination, sparking celestial thoughts.  Keeping the idea of a strong guitar presence from Reckless Serenade days, the incorporation of a simple yet memorable vocal melody creates an overall style of dimension.  The synth and digital effects used enhance the song and take you to another world in just less than three minutes.

Moonwalker’s futuristic influence is what separates them from the rest.  I would be surely interested in what Moonwalker could come up with for a music video to accompany the song, and will wait for what is next to come.

“The Show” and “The Way of the Future” can be found on the band’s SoundCloud here:

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