While She Sleeps - Silence Speaks

By: Mary Welch


Upon the first thirty seconds of my initial listen, frankly, I disliked the song.  “Silence Speaks” by English metalcore band, While She Sleeps, sounded like your typical hardcore band’s average song.  At the thirty second mark begins these soft, catchy vocals, and I had a feeling that part would be stuck in my head for a while.  After a few more seconds, I skip to Oli Sykes’ share of the song, exactly three minutes in.  Having been a fan of his vocals for several years, he was the reason why I had known about “Silence Speaks” in the first place.  Feeling slightly disappointed with both While She Sleeps’ and Sykes’ performances, I closed out of the tab and forgot about it.

A few days later I decided to give the song another go.  From the first time watching, I knew that the cinematography of the music video was the one thing that had astounded me, so I was interested in giving it another chance.  Hearing the song this time, I began questioning why I had felt so negative about it before, and I still cannot think of a legitimate reason why.

I admit, I’m quite hooked on this song now.  The more I listen to it, the more the stunning lyrics of “Silence Speaks” hit my emotions.  I find myself relating to the words like, “hate’s becoming our new anthem.  The longer I live, I learn that we don’t belong.”  What appeals to me most is the chorus’ haunting vocals and Sykes’ powerful line “I think that silence speaks volumes,” including the bold guitar riffs that follow it.  The song is truly more powerful and relatable beyond my original expectations.

“Silence Speaks” gives us a taste of what While She Sleeps’ new album You Are We, set to release April 21st.  “Hurricane” and “You Are We” are the other two tracks from the album available now, and all three tracks on YouTube add up to an impressive 4.5 million views so far.   In conclusion, I am so glad I decided to give it another try and look forward to what else While She Sleeps has in store.

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