Youth in Revolt

by: Sabrina Canup 

So we caught Youth in Revolt on their Nashville date at Rocketown. It was freezing cold and the interview was done outside, but these guys are incredibly funny and genuine. 

So you guys went on a one year hiatus. What made you choose Ellie Goulding’s song “Something in the way you move” to cover to announce that “hey were back!”

Chris: We actually love that song!
Tanner: A fun fact about that is the whole record was actually done before that cover and we needed, or wanted actually, like something to say because we knew there would be the whole “Oh, new vocalist, I like him, I hate him” you know, the whole argument that was going to happen. So, we decided to cover a song everyone knew.
(Arvin joins now) “Oh, are we doing an interview?”
Tanner: So yeah the cover was basically a ‘let’s put something out, get the whole new lineup thing out of the way’. Not that we didn’t put heart into it, we did.
Chris: I remember we were brainstorming ideas of what songs to bring in the group chat, a lot came up.
Arvin: That cover is what got me in this band.

Who all is an original member?

Kenny: Me and Alex. And Chris too.
Chris: I was in the band before they were signed to Outerloop, and when we got the contracts me and Kenny were 17 and my parents weren’t co-sign. They wanted me to go to college, you know, get a job. But when things changed in the line-up they hit me back up and it was like the universe just telling me I was meant to be a part of the project.

So then you were like “Now I know”?

Chris: Absolutely, and I wouldn’t change it for the World.

Tell me about “The Broken” record”?

Tanner: I think we wanted to kind of get a feel for the emotions that you go through growing up and not being sure what your place is and you’re trying to find it. It’s something we all go through and we’ve all had some pretty deep conversations about it. It’s just, it’s something that is undermined and I don’t think people have people to go to to talk to about this, and we wanted to make sure it was our message saying “hey there is someone out there”
Chris: That you’re not alone.
Arvin: And a lot is spreading the message and speaking out about anything you feel strongly about. We did this thing called the “New Year’s Revolt”, and we did this thing where you put out a hashtag online and instead of doing a New Year’s resolution you did a New Year’s revolt. And it’s what you’re revolting against. I did like ignorance and hatred and I think Kenny did against animal abuse. Part of the theme of the record also is just being a society that is broken and being able to stand up for yourself, spread your message, and have your voice heard. Strength in numbers and we wanted to be a little bit og that platform so you can join us and we will together have our voices heard.
Chris: We are living proof of that.

You guys were on a break for a year, but your record you said was made before you came back. So you guys were working on that the entire time?

Kenny: For the most part. We had a lot of it done for a while, there was a singer change and all that.

(There was an entire conversation about there sleeping arrangements here, but it was a lot of random chatter and laughter. These guys are hilarious.)

So where has been the most fun place to perform so far? I mean, you guys only have a few dates after this?

All: Chicago.
Arvin: It’s nice because we are all so spread out so we have like 4 different hometown shows.
Chris: My family came out to the Massachusetts one.
Tanner: My parents were going to come to this Nashville show, they didn’t end up coming, but they’re from Houston. It’s a little ways away and I was just like, let’s wait. We will come out to Texas.

You got Billboard #51 Top New Artist, how stoked are you?

(Lots of chatter of excitement, one curse word was dropped, they’re excited to say the least)

Chris: Being 51 is like a win.
Tanner: And it’s like its far down, but out of everyone in the entire world, it’s pretty cool.

Describe your music in three words.

Chris: Hot. Wet. Sexy. 


Arvin: I think that sums up our band just entirely.

So, what does 2017 have in store for Youth in Revolt?

Kenny: Touring as much as possible.
Tanner: We want to stay on the road the whole time.