Old Self

by: Sabrina Canup 

So "OldSelf" is brand new. Tell us about you. How did you form? What does your name stem from?

Kevin: Old Self is a project Devin brought to Brandon and I. In early 2016 while we were still living in New Jersey. We had a few practices and writing sessions with him but we all decided to focus on our other endeavors we had going on at that moment. After Brandon and I relocated and needed to pursue new endeavors the first person we called was Devin. We had a lot of fun writing with him and the music was very much "us" and had tastes we all liked. We decided let's give Old Self another go. Especially after Devin explained how he wanted to approach. 
Devin: We want to write for the people who feel like they have no voice and connect in a way with those who support us in a way many bands don't. People have shared so many stories with us we had a tough decision on choosing what to put on the last two tracks of the debut EP, "Perfectly Unsound". We had two songs we were working on and booked studio time at Sabretooth Studios in Fisher, Indiana with our friend Drew Johnson from the band Glass Hands. He really helped us with finishing the EP and connecting the music to the words we are sharing for those who were kind enough to inspire/write with us. The name was something I came up with when I first starting writing music for the band. Pretty much just means moving on from your old self and becoming something newer.

Any touring planned?

Brandon: We do plan to tour but currently are focusing on the "behind the scenes" stuff. We have currently partnered up with A Voice For The Innocent, to further our outreach and to have individuals share their stories with us like Devin shared before. 
Jason: We have a couple one off shows booked but only one announced to the public which is on May 21st at Crossroads in Garwood, NJ with '68, Listener and more! 

Who writes the songs? What is your writing process like?

Musically we collectively have influence on the instrumentation and cowrote with our buddy Drew at Sabretooth Studios but as for lyrically Devin or those who share their stories with us. We have had people just share their stories and inspire what Devin was writing about or like this debut single "Empty Eyes" our friend Brenda Gomes shared a bunch of poetry she had written and we built off of that. We're really thankful for her sharing her story with us, letting us use her words and all the support she's given us from the start and even in prior projects some of us were in. 

In your release what can we expect?

Emotion. This EP is pure emotion from love lost, to being uncomfortable in your own skin to being caught with the demons of a past traumatic experience. Everything we have put on this is real, and has meaning not only to us but to those who let us " speak"for them. We feel that the people that hear the stories will be able to connect with them regardless of what they're going through!

Have any of you toured before? If yes, what are the essentials?

Devin: "I have toured as a photographer but never as an artist. I have played in different states for one off shows."
Brandon: I have yet to tour for an extended period of time. Have done plenty of one offs in different states or weekend runs in past projects.
Kevin and Jason: We toured together in an old project, In Our Glory but nothing months at a time.
Essentials are definitely Sleep and coffee And a shower or two!

Within the next year, where do you see the band?

 We see the band recording demos for an album (maybe?), connecting with many individuals, doing a small run (or tour), just progressing as a band and as people. We have a lot of ground to cover and I think we are starting resonate very quickly.

If someone in the band were to survive a zombie apocalypse, who would it be? Who would be the first to go?

This is going to sound corny but I think we would all survive. Band of brothers type of deal! Brandon and Kevin I think would do a good job playing it smart BUT if we are forced to choose... Brandon would be the lone survivor and Devin may be the first to be eaten. 

What does 2017 look like for Old Self?

 A year of experiences, new chapters, fresh and a lot of opportunities. 2017 is the first year for the band so, we're looking to start of strong and resonate our message and music quickly. It'll be a much needed fresh start for all of us. We just want to spread positivity. Hopefully we can help some people along the way.

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