The Hunna

by Nicole Juliette Hetlyn (Photos by Sabrina Canup)

Your most recent tour, the 100 Tour, completely sold out and you recently extended it for 2017. Tell us about some of the shows! How has it been playing sold out shows every night? 

It's real crazy, Hunna unbelievable! Every UK tour we have ever played have been sold out... Mad love for that and for the Hunna-Gang for making it become a reality. We always used to talk about being where we are now and it straight blows our minds. Every show is hella lit! Everyone knows every lyric and everyone shares the desire to go hard or go home. Stoked that there is high demand for The 100 Tour to continue. Bring on 2017. 

Your album “100” came out in August.  What’s your favorite song to perform off of it? 

We love all the tracks, our babies 100. They all individually tell a real experience with real emotion. We all love to perform the track Bad For You, it's high in energy and gives of that shutdown factor. It's like we all become possessed. The Exorcism of The Hunna! Somebody call the priest! 

What is the main theme behind “100”?  What was the songwriting process like for this specific album? 

There was never a plan for an overall theme. We've had a lot shit come our way from personal relationships to fucked up egotistical managers / record labels. We wanted to share our side of the story. Never give up, fuck the haters. Do what you wanna do... always. 100-Livin. 

What are some of the differences between playing the States vs the UK? 

Honestly very similar. Never boring and always dope. Love how enthusiastic, kind and outgoing Americans are. One of the best country's going. We hope to live here someday. We love America, real! We hope in time America will love us back just as much. 

Do you have any favorite places to visit and/or play in the US so far?

 The places where that Hunna-Kush is legal haha! At the moment, we just love going everywhere in the US. We get to meet so many awesome people. Big up every state! 

What are three of your must have items on tour? 

Honey, weed and each other. 

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

 Drake (The 6 God).

When someone leaves one of your shows, what is the one message you want them to know?

 Be real, stay real, & live life. 

What can we expect from the Hunna in 2017? 

Currently working on album two. We have a load of material and it's all sounding big! We are really excited about it. We want to go for the most hardest working band next year, means we need to play as many shows as possible. We are coming for that title. Lots of tours globally and lots of rad surprises coming. 

What advice would you give to someone who is either trying to make it as a musician or trying to make it in the music industry?

When we speak to a lot of unsigned bands & artists they seem to be under the illusion that getting signed and getting established is an instant thing that should happen after recording a couple of tracks or playing a few shows. Our opinion... fuck that bullshit. It took us from the age of 16 to be where we are today. We worked a shit load of shit jobs to invest every single penny to independently record, rehearse, and travel to and from shows. For years, we had to do this, and honestly it wasn't that enjoyable. However, that dedication gathered lots of contacts and we learned a hell load. Stay passionate and be true to yourself. Never ever give up. Be positive and fuck them doubters... 
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