By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

EXIT/IN hosted the Ones to Watch concert series last night, featuring flor, joan, and Lostboycrow. This full US tour showcases these fantastic pop artists who are on the rise. The room was packed, and many fans already knew all the lyrics to songs from all three artists. Lostboycrow was the first to take the stage with his smooth vocals. The girls in the crowd went wild for him instantly. joan was next to take the stage. This indie pop duo was another hit with the crowd, with their funky fashion and ambient sound. Their songs were very catchy, and I also loved their electronic pop vibe.

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We were all excited to see Oregon indie-alt band, flor, last night. flor just released their album ley lines, and we were able to hear several new favorites, such as “Dancing Around”. The setlist also included several of our other favorite songs, such as “Hold On” and “Back Again.” I’ve been following flor’s journey for several years, and it’s been incredible to see their growth. They are so passionate about what they do, and they light up the stage every single show. It was such a fun concert, as usual. ley lines is available now, be sure to pick up a copy in stores now + on all major music platforms!

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