The 404 Tour

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

Nashville’s Mercy Lounge was packed full of people excited to rock out last night. British rockers, the Hunna, started the night off on an extremely high note. They played fan favorites, such as “She’s Casual”, “Babe Can I Call You”, and “We Could Be.” Vocalist Ryan Potter explained that they have a new single “IGHTF” (I Get High To Forget); a single they finally release after being f*cked over by their label. He went on to explain how their management screwed them and their fans, and asked fans to “sing loud enough so they can hear you in the UK and know we made it back to Nashville!” Needless to say, we are so glad that the Hunna is back and better than ever. Their insanely energetic set had us pumped up and having a blast!

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Fellow British rocker, Barns Courtney, closed out the show. Courtney took the stage with an insane amount of energy, control, and style. He reminded me of a young Mick Jagger - the flashy clothes, awesome dance moves, and dominating the stage/crowd. I was instantly mesmerized by everything that he did. Fans went wild. singing every lyric and freaking out every time Courtney made eye contact with them. The set included favorites, such as “99”, “Hobo Rocket”, and “Fire.” Courtney Also ended the set by jumping into the crowd, surfing through the audience. I thoroughly enjoyed this set and hope to catch another Barns Courtney show soon!

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