The Funeral Tour

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

There are very few times that I go into a concert unfamiliar with the artists and leaving their biggest fan. Last Friday was an exception. Starbenders started the night off on a high note, with flashy 80s outfits/hair and songs just as bold as their style. Vocalist, Kimi Shelter, talked about discarding labels; “Labels are like clothes - you choose what you wear. You are who you want to be. If someone says you’re a bitch, that doesn’t mean you are a bitch. You decide what you are and who you want to be.” I really enjoyed their glam-punk sound, and it was a fun way to kick of the show.

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Up next was Weathers. This was another perfect choice for the lineup, having a classic rock vibe with a killer sound. Their set had everyone’s blood pumping, as vocalist Cameron Boyer jumped around the stage the whole time and was interacting with the audience. This LA band has a chill, yet fun, sound. My favorite song from their set was “Happy Pills,” which had everyone singing along. They also played their latest single, “Dirty Money,” which has us ready for even more music!

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Palaye Royale, where do I begin?! This was my first time seeing Palaye Royale and my mind was absolutely blown. The guys took the stage by storm - one of the most energetic bands I have seen, and also one of the most interactive bands I have seen. Vocalist, Remington Leith, was unreal to watch. He ran across the stage, throughout the crowd, and if that wasn’t enough; he ran up the stairs to scale/hang off (and then jump off) the balcony. All while singing. I genuinely was in shock of how interactive and charismatic this performance was. On top of all of this, the songs were even better live. Palaye Royale brings such a unique sound to the table. They are rock, with a very distinct vibe.

After playing (my favorite song) “How Do You Do,” the band was about to leave the stage (indicating an encore). At this time, I was in the photographer’s pit taking photos, and I heard the people behind me screaming for help. (No need to get into personal details on here, we want to respect the fans’ privacy). When I noticed someone was on the ground, I screamed to Andrew Martin (guitar) for help. He was quick to hop over the barricade and not only assist the fan and grab them water, but also alert security/ the venue (it was way too loud and packed for anyone else to hear us). The band mates were super attentive in helping out. A few minutes later, Remington took to the mic to state that the band would not be performing an encore because “a person’s health is way more important.” He also stated that they would sign outside after. I gained so much respect for this band that I had just discovered. They were incredibly talented guys that genuinely care about every single fan and put safety above all. I’m already hooked on their music and can’t wait to see them when they come back to Nashville.

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