By: Mary Welch

Last week was one of my first bigger scale shows since moving to Arizona! Japan’s Babymetal and Sweden’s Avatar seemed like a surprising lineup at first, but I left the show understanding what I had not before. Living in America, I do not often see bands who are not American, and have a sound very unique to a culture different than mine. It was awesome to see a band like Babymetal whose members dance in a style one may expect from a talented Japanese metal band, as well as Avatar who has a few songs in Swedish, one being "Det Är Alldeles Försent” on their album Feathers and Flesh. I must say, during their song “For the Swarm,” everyone around me was banging their head. And I mean… everyone. Coming from Wisconsin where Avatar repeatedly sells out their shows, it was a relief to see that even across the country, the energy was the same. I also must give credit to both bands for their amazing lighting, and for also just being the bands on the lineup. With only two artists, the night flew by and I was for once not exhausted by the time the headliner came on! If you are on the other side of the world compared to me, check out their tour dates in Europe and Japan here.

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