Warped Tour, Vol. 7

By: Mary Welch

Whatever it is, Wage War has got it down. This entire summer, I have been so hooked on their most recent album, Deadweight, and cannot imagine ever getting sick of it despite it playing on repeat everyday. Tracks “Gravity” and “Johnny Cash” have been my go-to songs of the summer and they even recorded acoustic versions of the songs which you can find in the links. I was only able to catch their first two songs at Warped this year, but fortunately, they have a US tour coming up this fall with Stick to Your Guns, Emmure, and Sanction from early October through November. Following is a European tour with August Burns Red!

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A broken nose, bleeding hand, dehydration, and severe sunburn won’t stop me from catching my favourite band’s set. No exaggeration there…

Motionless In White as people and as musicians are all-around incredible. This summer, I was fortunate enough to not only have seen their set, but to have attended vocalist Chris Motionless’ TEI workshop class at the two Warped dates I went to. Being up close and personal with Chris and getting to have an open conversation with him is something I look forward to every time we meet. I will always cherish the memories of Motionless In White at Warped because of how much they care about making the environment welcoming and judgement-free for everyone. “Loud,” a single from Motionless’ most recent album Graveyard Shift, was inspired by the previous year’s TEI classes taught by Chris and you can learn a bit more about it here. I’ve heard the song hundreds of times, and I still find myself rocking out every time I hear it. These photos below are some of my favourites and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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