In This Moment Tour

By: Maya Bustillos and Mary Welch

First up was New Years Day. Mary and I absolutely adore this band because seeing them perform never gets old. There were a few fans singing their hearts out and headbanging away throughout their set, but after the performance you could hear murmurs of how many others also enjoyed the set and are now hooked. It became obvious that New Years Day gained some new fans this tours, and we applaud bands that understand how to capture the whole room’s attention like they did. They played some new songs such as their original from Diary of a Creep “Disgust Me,” as well as Pantera’s “Fucking Hostile.”

In This Moment was the first headliner for the night, and they unfailingly delivered in performance. The theatrics on stage, from the fog machines to the lighting to the coordinated body language among each member, are continuously captivating and eye-catching no matter how many times we see them perform live.

Maria’s vocals were stunning, and all of the guys in the band are killer at each of their instruments. This is clearly demonstrated in the medley of songs they all play halfway through the set. Chris, Travis, Randy, and Kent play with iso much intensity and purpose, and the crowd was engrossed in every second of it.

During In This Moment’s song “Black Wedding,” New Years Day vocalist Ash Costello accompanies Maria Brink on stage for guest vocals. The song is originally sung by Maria and Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, though when you put two strong women together on stage to sing a song with empowering tones, it is really something special to be a part of.

Halestorm next began their set with one of their newest songs, kicking it off with a bang. Throughout the entire show, the Grammy-winning rock group purely displays the level of talent they have and how they have progressed over time. With Lzzy Hale’s remarkable vocals to Josh’s bass, Joe’s guitar, and Arejay’s energy when drumming, this band is one you cannot miss out on. Catch New Years Day, In This Moment, and Halestorm on the second leg of the tour later this summer!

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