The Real Good Life Tour

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

The Mowgli's and Mainland are currently out on the "Real Good Life Tour," and let me tell you, this tour made life real good.  These two bands have an infectious burst of positivity and electrifying energy.  The Basement East was full of people singing and dancing along, everyone was having a great time from the minute they walked into the venue all the way through the very end of the show.

Mainland started off the show on a very high note.  I have been listening to this NYC band for about a year now, and I am kicking myself in the ass for waiting to see them live for this long.  Mainland is so captivating to watch, they have such a unique sound and the crowd was definitely feeling the vibe.  I always got an 80's pop vibe from them, but it didn't quite click until they covered the Clash classic, "Should I Stay or Should I Go."  This was such a brilliant cover and I truly felt like I teleported to the 80's; I loved every second of it. My favorite performance was "I Found God."  We talked to Mainland about this song a few months ago in our interview [HERE], and hearing fans singing along + the energy in the room gave me chills.

The Mowgli's are one of my favorite pop-feel good bands.  If you are ever having a bad day, turn on the Mowgli's, and I promise you will instantly be smiling and dancing.  The Mowgli's have also held a special place in my heart since they were one of the first bands I interviewed them at 21, and then did their photos at 23, and here I am now.  The Mowgli's have been a part of my musical journey and have helped to be that positive ray of light that I always needed.  Their entire set was radiant.  Some of my favorite songs that they sang were "Say It, Just Say It," "Real Good Life," and "I'm Good."  During the finale, the Mowgli's brought Mainland back on stage for "San Francisco," which was a fun perofrmacne of a bunch of friends loving life together.

There is still on week of the "Real Good Life Tour" left, and I highly recommend that you catch a show!  Both bands are extremely talented and the most humble people you will ever meet.

MAR 13 TUE Valley Bar Phoenix, AZ
MAR 14 WED Casbah San Diego, CA
MAR 16 FRI The Moroccan Los Angeles, CA
MAR 17 SAT Bottom Of The Hill San Francisco, CA
MAR 19 MON Doug Fir Portland, OR
MAR 20 TUE The Crocodile Seattle, WA
MAR 23 FRI Globe Hall Denver, CO
MAR 24 SAT Record Bar Kansas City, MO

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