Saving Abel

By: Jennifer Pinckney

It’s another Saturday night here in the small town of Clarksville, TN. On a night like tonight, most of the town comes to this great venue called the Warehouse. They have recently become a smoke-free venue and they host tons of music shows all year round. Tonight’s special was Saving Abel with Tantric and Ashes Fall.


First band up was a local band from Atlanta, GA called Ashes Fall. These guys were full of energy and hyped up to be showing us what they got. They definitely showed off their skills and made quite a few more fans. They have been working very hard this year and they have several more shows coming up, so be sure to check them out and follow them!

Tantric needed no introduction. Just hearing Hugo’s voice, it automatically sends a big “DING” to my brain that says, “yup… that’s Tantric.” I just love hearing his raspy and unique vocals that have not changed one bit over the years. I was so glad to hear that they have released a new album and it’s out now. Be sure to check it out, as well as their newest single, “Angry.” These boys brought the energy level way up and the crowd was loving rocking with Tantric. I hope they make a return soon.

Last but not least was who most people came to see, the boys in Saving Abel! They took the stage around 11:30pm and then continued rocking ‘till early Sunday morning. They began their set with one of my personal favorites from their first Album, “New Tattoo,” and continued to having the big crowd banging their heads and keeping their “Horns” up high in the air. Definitely a fun-filled Rocking Saturday night at the Warehouse.

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