Summerfest - PVRIS

Savvage's own Mary Welch had the chance to hit up Summerfest, the BIGGEST music festival in the world, featuring over 800 acts. Stay tuned throughout the week to see some of her faves! 

There's absolutely no denying Lynn Gunn's beautiful voice.  At Summerfest, I finally got the chance to see PVRIS play live, a band that I've been constantly listening to for nearly four years.  It was far from disappointing, to say the least.  For one of my favourite songs, "What's Wrong," Lynn sat at her piano and fearlessly performed without her band mates.  Although I would have preferred to hear the more unaltered version live, Gunnulfsen has quite a noteworthy voice.  Their amazing lighting, setlist choices, and talent, and energy kept everyone on their feet.  Catch them on tour this fall and buy their new album which comes out August 4th, All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell.

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