By:  Mary Welch

What was most noticeable about Silverstein’s show with Seaway, Cedar Green, and Human After All, was the atmosphere. These bands attracted a good crowd and everyone was clearly having a great time, a young boy sitting on his dad’s shoulders in particular. While hanging out with my photographer friends near the merch table, I appreciated seeing the previous bands meeting fans there and taking photos with them.

Something I really like about Seaway is their style, music-wise and how they look. Their vocalist wears this really rad Hawaiian-like button up shirt and I wish I owned ten of them. They played my favorite song of theirs, “Something Wonderful,” and it has been stuck in my head since. The same goes for “Ghosts” by Silverstein. That song reminds me of good times this summer when I first heard, it and the tone and lyrics still resonate with me.

If you haven’t heard their newest album Vacation, you’re absolutely missing out! And hear Silverstein’s most current album Dead Reflection while you’re at it. Dead Reflection is a culmination not just of Silverstein's sonic growth, but also the personal journeys entangled in the band’s career. For Silverstein there is no settling, no stopping, and they give nothing less than everything. They will be kicking off 2018 with a massive tour across America with Tonight Alive, Broadside, and Picturesque. You can find tickets HERE.

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