Wicked World

By:  Mary Welch

After having some concert experiences fall short of my hopes during the past few months, I went to this one feeling indifferent. It was to my surprise how much I enjoyed each band on the lineup, opening with local Milwaukee band West View, then Never Doubt the Worm, Monorail Central, Dreamhouse, and Wicked World. The night consisted of familiar faces and sounds, except for one new band that particularly stood out to me, sweater vests and all: Never Doubt the Worm. At first, I thought, “okay… weird band name. I just kind of want to take a nap right now,” but they came on stage and caught my full attention with their unusual sound, and I loved every single second of it. The vocalist’s energy was incomparable, and I admire how much the band interacted with the crowd, not matter how big or small. Chad Hanish, vocalist, walked around in the crowd giving everybody hugs and fist bumps.

Monorail Central had an awesome set as well, and they are one of my top local bands to see along with Dreamhouse. This was finally my first time seeing a full set of theirs, and I was so impressed with vocalist, Brianna’s, talent. The band performed a cover of Zedd & Alessia Cara’s song “Stay,” which made me want to dance, which is surprising since I usually shut off my music when I hear that song on the radio. Bands like these make me proud to be involved in my local music scene, no matter how small of a part. Their music and social media will be linked below. Do yourself a favor and check them out!

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