Imminence - "Up"

By:  Maya Bustillos


I have recently stumbled upon Swedish band, Imminence, and I can admit that I am completely obsessed at the moment. How they are not one the hottest bands out right now is shocking to me. They’re easily one of my favorites, especially with their recently released song, "Up."

The song starts with soft melodies and vocals before breaking out into the chorus. It starts out smooth with light, breathless singing before they come in much stronger with a punch. The lead vocals remind me a bit of Landon Tewers from The Plot In You in that they both have a similar tone of voice, but slightly different, as they are both unique in their own ways. Imminence is in their own lane of newer music.

Music videos are always important as well, and the video for "Up" goes perfectly with the song. Using blue and red hues in the correct moment that correlates with the lyrics shows artistry and creativity. Also, the including shots of the band performing is shot effectively and captures the energy the band portrays.

The fact that they have a unique sound is what keeps me more intrigued. They do not sound like the regular band that have the same sounds for each song. "Up" contains elements that a broad range of people will enjoy, so you should give it a shot, too!

Keep up with Imminence on their European headliner in December!

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