Mayday Parade - "Piece of Your Heart"

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

"I've got a piece of your heart,
but I want the whole damn thing."


Mayday Parade has announced their first single, "Piece Of Your Heart,” off of their upcoming album, Sunnyland (June 15th, Rise Records).  Let's just say:  Mayday Parade is back, and they are better than ever!  "Piece of Your Heart" delivers the raw, authentic emotion that we love from Mayday Parade.  The video follows a couple who is so genuinely in love, as they break away from the rules of life to enjoy some special memories together.  There is some sort of black bracelet that is holding them back, as seen in a gloomy ceremony in the beginning and end of the video.  Mayday Parade has not discussed what this is, possibly just society trying to tear down their happy relationship?  Regardless, I absolutely love this song.  Ten years later, and Mayday Parade still has a way of writing the most relatable songs that tug on every inch of my heart (and make me cry in the best possible way).  BONUS:  If you look close in the video, you will see the "umbrella man" make a cameo in the ceremony scenes (starting at :08).  You might recognize him from the album cover of their self-titled album, as well as A Lesson in Romantics.  One thing's for sure, Mayday Parade has a lot more up their sleeves and we cannot wait.

Pre-orders for Sunnyland are available now [ HERE ].  Mayday Parade will be headlining the final Vans Warped Tour all summer.  You can find ticket informaiton and tour dates [HERE].

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