The Great Heights Band - rad-pop

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

“This world’s gone straight to hell, and I don’t care at all if we just keep things real.”


I’m a huge fan of pop/punk and alt-rock music, so I’m always excited to find new fans in this genre.  The Great Heights Band recently released their sophomore album, rad-pop, and it’s exactly what I needed to hear.  First, off, kudos to a brilliant album name; yes it is “rad-pop.”  This is such a vibrant album, the songs are full of energy and lyrics ranging from traditional pop punk heartbreak to songs that talk about political uncertainty.  The Great Height Height Band are signed to CI Records (August Burns Red's first label) and were able to record the album themselves because one of their singer/guitarists owns his own studio.  They have also been working closely with Matt Squire, which is really awesome!

I hear some 80’s rock roots reminding me of the Kinks in the guitar riffs in songs like “All In” and “What’s Real.”  Other songs like “Wished I Was Dead” are the kind of songs that you could find me in the circle pit to dancing along to, definitely could see this being a Warped Tour hit.  “Better Things” is als another pop-punk anthem, with the slowed down guitar on chorus and lyrics “I’m in over my head / the devil’s on my shoulder saying “you can sleep when you’re dead / ‘Cause I’m got better things to do / than waste my nights dreaming of you.”  Overall, this is definitely an album worth checking out to, so grab your VANS and grab your pizza and get ready for some rad-pop.

You can pre-order the album now HERE.  It will be out on 12" vinyl featuring 3 special limited colors, as well as CD and digital formats.  All physical orders will also receive a free digital download of the album. The vinyl and the CD each of their own exclusive bonus track only available on these.  Also, The Great Heights Band has their album release party on April 28th at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore!

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