Waterparks - "Not Warriors" / "CryBaby"

By: Starr Brown


If you’re not keeping up with Waterparks after the release of their latest album Entertainment, you’re missing out on some of the best music (and all-around art) out right now. The boys of Waterparks have released their third music video for a mashup between “Not Warriors” and “Crybaby”.

The trippy daydream that Awsten is having locked in a bedroom while his bandmates, Geoff and Otto, stare mindlessly at the TV, is packed with vivid colors, the guts of several tapes, a closet full of flowers, and the clothed shows we’ve all taken after a breakup or bad day.

The shift from “Not Warriors” to “Crybaby” happens in a split second with an instant shift in moods from the vivid dream to the destroying and burning of a yellow car. Honestly, a #mood.

The music of Entertainment goes through a relationship and breakup, the good and ugly of life, documented through the music videos for “Not Warriors/Crybaby,” “Lucky People,” and “Blonde” (which is just fun).

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