By: Mary Welch

               Artificial Flower , 2017 -  iTUNES

               Artificial Flower, 2017 - iTUNES

OKEMO is a New Hampshire born, Nashville based, artist fueled by a love for music and fine art.  Kristofer Jedd of OKEMO, the former lead guitarist from Kaleidoscope Hall, has a unique sound that combines indie rock with an alternative sound for a blend of smooth, emotional songs or a grittier, brash vibe.  OKEMO notably makes each album its own character and genre.  Artificial flower, a recently released indie/folk album, reminds me of a band similar in genre, Mt. Joy.  Whereas DRIIFT, another album just released, has more alternative rock tones that take you somewhere new.  Jedd is already working on a lot more music, including other projects in Nashville’s local music scene.  He aims to make people feel with his music, whether it's anger, sadness, or an array of emotions, he wants to deliver a sound that people can relate to in their own way and enjoy.  Hear both Artificial Flower and DRIIFT by OKEMO below.


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