Makena - 3am

by: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

Alternative-pop artist, Makena, released her debut single “3am” last week, and we are already hooked.  The catchy pop beats with the dark lyrics about a dysfunctional relationship pair together to make a perfect blend for a song. I really appreciate Makena’s lyrics, it’s hard to find an artist that will be so vulnerable and write such relatable lyrics.  The cheerful beats help to sing along and not feel so sad as you’re thinking back to when you dealt with such similar situations.  “3am” was recorded in Brooklyn and it was produced by Sho Ishikura and Adrien Peters (Treehouse Studios).  Makena will be releasing many more tracks this year, and we can’t wait to hear them!

You can currently listen to “3 am” on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Sound Cloud.

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