Basic Printer - Snore Captain

by:  Nicole Juliette Hetlyn


Experimental synth-pop act, Basic Printer, released their latest single “Snore Captain” today, and it’s truly incredible.  Ever since I discovered Basic Printer, I have been not only enjoying their music, but thoroughly impressed by their growth.  They are not your typical indie band.  Started by Jesse Gillenwalters (now a four-piece band); this band mixes reflective lyrics, looped vocals, synthesizers, vivid guitar parts, and energetic drums.  Each song has been an impressive arrangement and always has top notch production.

“Snore Captain” just might be my favorite song by Basic Printer thus far.  The lyrics take you through something we can all relate to - a friendship in turmoil.  The dynamics of the song change while paralleling the lyrics.  One of my favorite lyrics is “I need you to be present and remember why the fuck you’re so cool, because without your shit, I lose my shit, so captain you got - you got - to wake up.”  Overall, this six minute track will draw you in from the start.  You’ll feel the dynamics shift and admire the pure artistry demonstrated.


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