Klangstof - Close Eyes to Exit

by:  Mary Welch

If you like to ride along the lines of indie rock and ambient, Klangstof is it.  They're a Dutch and Norwegian band signed to Mind of a Genius Records, and are making some inimitable, relaxing, indie/rock sounds that will make it onto my revered "sleep" playlist in the near future.  Their debut full-length album "Close Eyes to Exit" was released last year, but exceeds expectations.

The singles released from the album were "Hostage," "We Are Your Receiver," "Amansworld," and "Island."  The first track, "Doolhof," is completely instrumental, but "Seasons" and "Island" are my favorites because of the different moods they form.  No matter what song on the album you're listening to, not one is like another.  Each track brings a sense of calmness and intrigue, and it feels refreshing to see what Klagstoff has created.

If you ask me, this European group of four needs be heard of.  Give them a chance and don't wait until they become too popular, because they will.  Catch them touring the states until July 4th, and in Europe until the end of December.  Download Klangstof's album "Close Eyes to Exit" from iTunes or stream it on Spotify, SoundCloud, or YouTube.

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