Nikki Lane - JackPot

by Paula Kunateerachadalai

The Country Outlaw, Nikki Lane is at it again! Teaming up with fellow singer songwriter, Johnathan Tyler, Lane is releasing her third studio album this Friday, February 17, 2017.

The title track, “Highway Queen” takes us on a road trip alongside a heartbreaking woman with restless feet. It’s one that can empower women, and remind us all that we can crave, and want (romantic) love, but it’s not a requirement on our journey or growth. Salted with southern grit, you can hear her musical influences in this track (from Waylon Jennings, to Tom Petty).

Lane’s latest single, “Jackpot” is a honky tonk, feel good tune where all your cares are thrown into the wind and dancing with lady luck herself. Lane’s sultry voice tells us the story we can all (kind of relate to) spending our last dime, hoping for a miracle as she hits “Jackpot” on love, and life.

If the rest of the album is as quirky, fun, and emotionally vulnerable as her latest singles, this is going to be one for not just country music fans, but music lovers in general!


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