Christmas Mix

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

Christmas is just three days away, and what better way to celebrate than with some Christmas music?!  Several artists have released their own Christmas songs this year, so we’d like to present you with original Christmas songs that you’ll want to add to your holiday playlist!  We’ve also included our favorite original Christmas songs that are already out there.  Grab some eggnog, light the fire, and listen to your new Christmas favorites!

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Panic! at the Disco - "Feels Like Christmas" (LISTEN HERE)
This is such a sweet song, the lyrics melt my heart.  Ever since his Broadway debut, Brendon has shown that he has an insane vocal range and can literally sing anything and everything.  This song makes my want to see more of Brendon on Broadway, it's so cheery and bright.  However, I am always down for a Panic! at the Disco show, they are easily one of my favorite live bands.

The Maine - "Winter Means Nothing (Without You)" (WATCH HERE)
This is the first of two singles off of the Maine's Christmas EP, ...and to All, a Good Night.  This is the second Christmas EP that the Maine has released, and it is quite the present.  This song will pull on your heart strings.  It is simple, beautiful, and will make you miss the ones you love and be thankful for the people by your side.  The Maine sure knows how to make you cry.

Hanson - "Finally It's Christmas" (WATCH HERE)
Not gonna lie, I'm a "fanson." I was so excited when Hanson announced that they were releasing an entire Christmas album, and it is so good!  20 years ago, Hanson released their Snowed In EP, so it's a treat to hear them all grown up, and they even included their kids as guest vocals on a few songs!  This is a fun, catchy album.  It's been really cool to see Hanson grow as artists.

The Darcys - "Another Log on the Fire" (LISTEN HERE)
Is it hot in here, or is it just me?!  This song is pretty steamy!  This is a good song to play while cuddling up on the couch with someone and staying warm by the fire.  This Toronto band has such a smooth sound, you will definitely enjoy cozying up by the fire while letting Jason serenade you.

Louise Warren - "Christmas Memories" (WATCH HERE)
Sometimes you're looking forward to spending Christmas with someone, but unfortunately you can't. All you have are memories, whether good or bad.  Singer/songwriter, Louise Warren, brings us a lovely Christmas original, with lyrics "but I won't make a cameo in your Christmas memories." I love Louise's voice, definitely looking forward to more from her!

And then we have the Christmas originals that we know and love...

Fall Out Boy - "Yule Shoot Your Eye Out" (LISTEN HERE)
"Merry Christmas, I could care less."  What an angsty Christmas song, I love it.  This is probably my favorite original pop/rock original Christmas song.  The lyrics are honest, even if they are a bit much.  The guitar is also simple, yet catchy.  It's not Christmas unless you are blasting this song and screaming the lyrics along with Patrick Stump.

Jason Lancaster - "All I Can Give You" (WATCH HERE)
Jason has always been one of my favorite vocalists.  This song has so much emotion in it, so grab a box of tissues.  This song is so beautiful and honest.  If you want to let someone know that you love them and you will give them everything you have, play them this song.

Set It Off - "This Christmas (I'll Burn it to the Ground)" (WATCH HERE)
Imagine a mix of The Nightmare Before Christmas and the Grinch mixed with some heavy music, and that's what this song demonstrates.  Set It Off circa 2013 was cinematic to the max, and I love it!  This is one of the most intense Christmas songs you will hear, and you will be rocking out.

The Maine - "Ho Ho Hopefully" (LISTEN HERE)
This single from the Maine's first Christmas EP ...And a Happy New Year is flawless.  With a play on words, this song is a must have on your Christmas playlist.  I'm glad that the Maine realized how great they were with Christmas originals early on, I'm definitely a fan.




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