Top 10 Songs of 2017

By: Mary Welch

As you can probably see, choosing my top 10 songs of 2017 was not an easy task. There are so many great artists that released music this year, and it’s especially difficult to choose when you have such a broad range in music taste. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do and branch out into other genres!



Top 10 Songs of 2017:

  1. "Lord of Flies" – Cane Hill (MUSIC VIDEO)
  2. "Flag of the Beast" – Emmure (MUSIC VIDEO)
  3. "Soft" – Motionless in White (LISTEN HERE)
  4. "Black Wedding" – In This Moment feat. Rob Halford (LISTEN HERE)
  5. "Your Disguise" – Blessing A Curse (MUSIC VIDEO)
  6. "Analog Flesh in a Digital World" – William Control (LISTEN HERE)
  7. "Let Her Go" – William Control (MUSIC VIDEO)
  8. "Silence Speaks" – While She Sleeps feat. Oli Sykes (MUSIC VIDEO)
  9. "Winter" - PVRIS (MUSIC VIDEO)
  10. "Dirty Laundry" – All Time Low (LISTEN HERE)

Honorable Mentions:

  1. "Love" - Lana del Rey (MUSIC VIDEO)

  2. "Gangsta" – Kehlani (New Year’s Day cover) (MUSIC VIDEO)

  3. "New Rules" - Dua Lipa (MUSIC VIDEO)


Check out our playlist with Mary's top songs of 2017 below!  Be sure to subscirbe to our channel, and let us know what you think.  Did your favorite songs make the cut?  What were your favorite songs of 2017?

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