Weezer - Happy Hour

By:  Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

"I need happy hour on sad days."


Weezer is back!  Actually, they never left.  However, they have just released yet another stellar album.  Pacific Daydream (Atlantic Records, Crush Management) is Weezer's eleventh studio album in the span of 25 years.  "Happy Hour" is the second single off of Pacific Daydream, and it's definitely one of my favorites.  It has the traditional Weezer-vibe to it - you feel like you're at the beach while listening to your favorite rock band.  From the chill vibe to the very accurate lyrics, this song is something you will definitely be blasting.  This is the kind of song you'll play in your mind while you're sitting in a work meeting or having a bad day, ready to fast forward to the good times.  Be sure to check out Pacific Daydream to catch the Weezer melodies that you already love, as well as some cool new vibes!


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