Long Time - Never Alone

by: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn


Long Time released their full-length album Never Alone (Medical Records) today, and you are going to want to listen.  Consisting of members Thomas John Cadrin (vocals/guitar), Colin Dinnie (bass), and Andrew Nault (drums), this modern rock/punk band has a distinct sound.  Never Alone consists of eight tracks, each with riveting vocals and some heavy, stellar guitar riffs.  The lyrics speak about the never-ending search for one's place in the world, however Long Time seems to have found theirs.  This album shows their growth and finding their identity since their first EP.  My favorite track is “Silence.”  I love the change in tempo and dynamics as the song goes on, as well as the vulnerability in the lyrics (“suffocating in our hands”).  Another song I really like is “Windows.”   The wailing guitar is pulsating, it’s pure rock and I love it.  Also, as someone who truly admires art, I am in love with the album art!  Album cover art is a huge deal for me, and Never Alone’s art captivates me.  The color scheme as well as the hand reaching out into the forest is absolutely beautiful.  10/10 would have picked it up even if I didn’t know the album, and then I would have fell in love with it.  Be sure to check out Never Alone - available now on all digital platforms!

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